Validating excel

Excel Ant is a set of Ant tasks that make it possible to verify or test a workbook without having to write Java code.

Of course, the tasks themselves are written in Java, but to use this frame work you only need to know a little bit about Ant.

Important: Ensure that cell in the Validation Range actually contains Data Validation.

The following examples show common data validation errors: To update work items, you must be a member of the Contributors group or have your View work items in this node and your Edit work items in this node permissions set to Allow.

Are the comments only for us now, or are this your real comments?

On the other hand if you "never" plan to add additional operations to your data object, make them public and skip the useless getters.

I searched a lot online and all I've found is the suggestion to search for the presence of "and all i'v found is just searching on (@,.)", "i tried to use the UDF and the VBscript " - those are extremely broad descriptions, please describe what exactly you've tried / found and why that doesn't work for you. To cite the RFC: ` Strings of characters that include characters other than those allowed in atoms may be represented in a quoted string format, where the characters are surrounded by quote'. You're technically right I guess (normally the best kind), but for any real world application two @s in an email address is way more likely to be an error than not.

and it is the one source of truth for what is allowed.

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