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In a world of smoked barbeque meats and burger joints as institutions, veggie frenzy isn’t exactly favored.

However, with Dallas folks looking towards the trendier, healthier side, I figured I’d build a map for those waiting to board the veggie train. Cosmic Café This whimsical space looks like its straight out of a Wes Anderson film.

Pro tip: Cosmic Café holds free yoga and meditation classes every day of the week. Order the veggie combo and coast on the flavor ride.

The sour and spongy injera bread coupled with spiced veggies, fresh salad, and lentil mash is not only healthy, it’s downright tasty.

I'm in the UK right now and notice it's a pretty common thing to do.

– We love this function the most as it allows the Sharan to stop and go just at the touch of the brake and accelerator pedal at traffic lights or at slopes.

From 5 to 8 seaters, MPVs attract families with their ample space, roomy compartments and their functionality such as the ability to ‘flat-bed’ the rear seats to suit the modern family’s diverse lifestyle needs.

So when we were given an opportunity to test-drive the Volkswagen Sharan for a week, we (being sedan drivers) were quite intrigued to see if this MPV can convince us to consider one.

No more messing around with handbrakes, brakes and accelerators!

Exploring Nara Deer Park, Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN, Tōdai-ji Temple, Kōfuku-ji Temple.

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