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Title Hermione’s Choice Author Keira Marcos Beta Ladyholder & Chris King Series Soulmate Bond Episode 2 Fandom Tags relationship.

Don t think that people understand dating could play instrument didn’t.

Are ron and hermione dating in harry potter Ronald Bilius Weasley - Harry Potter Wiki Wikia Biographical wrote hermione/ron relationship form wish.

Rating: 15 - Spoilers: PS/SS, Co S, Po A, Go F, Oot P, HBP, DH, EPI, QTTA, FB, BB, JKR - 3330 hits - 48923 words Genre: Romance - Main character(s): D, H, R - Ships: D/H, H/R - Era: Harry and Classmates Post-Hogwarts Ron and Hermione have been friends for a long time.

As time passed, Ron developed feeling for Hermione, and so did Hermione for Ron.

“It probably doesn’t like your personality” Ron said lazily from where he was sitting in an armchair sideways.

He was busying himself with throwing a little rubber ball at the wall and catching it when it came back to him.````It says you are a loving son and brother.````Well, everyone said, you died protecting Harry.

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