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Here are 11 ways that being single in Dallas is a singular (! Hipsterism didn’t start here, so DFWers are still pretty fascinated by the phenomenon. More overly manicured mustaches, needlessly thick glasses, PBRs, and leather oxford-designer jean combos than you can handle. He'll take up two parking spots, mistreat the waiter, not even offer to pick up the check, and then be mystified when you don't want to return to his Uptown pad for a "drink." If our schizophrenic spring and fall months prove anything (oh, wait, and summer 2014.

And winter 2013), that picnic you plan for early March at Klyde Warren Park could very well be iced out.

She’d been emotionally bound for more than a decade of marriage, tied to a husband whose mantra was “No man desires a woman over 40.” Kathleen was 43. And it’s worth it, she says, to endure those who think there is something unseemly about someone in her 40s dating a man in his 20s.

She knew it was over when they were in Las Ventanas, in Mexico, marking their 11th anniversary. “When you are an older woman, you know who you are, and you know what you like,” Kathleen says. “They can be successful and smart, just like older men. When he puts his arm around you and you feel those biceps, you think, ‘Oh my God.

Ladies, would you consider dating a much younger man?

If not, it seems that in 2016, you're in the minority.

But it is a microtrend, as defined by renowned pollster and marketing expert Mark Penn in his 2007 book Microtrends. Some women believe the term is reserved for a woman who supports a man financially, even if it’s only paying for dates.

Penn says it takes just 1 percent of a given population (in this case, older dating women) to become an influential movement. Stella and the strapping islander Winston Shakespeare (How Stella Got Her Groove Back). The Dallas Morning News suggested that any woman 33 and over who dated a man at least seven years younger was a cougar.

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But we did date more when I got back to town.” He was the first person she’d dated post-divorce, though, so she didn’t want to get too serious.It began as a mischievous flirtation on a trip to Las Vegas. The next man she went out with was more age-appropriate, someone older, in fact. “He was controlling, jealous, and he didn’t treat me well.” Since then, Kathleen, now 48, says she’s mostly dated younger men.Kathleen, a divorced Highland Park mother of three, was flying to Sin City for a convention five years ago, but it was as much a trip to decompress as it was to work. She says they’re more vibrant, funnier, with fewer hang-ups.They were on the beach, gazing at the wondrous blue water. I don’t care what anyone thinks.’ ” More and more, women are thinking like Kathleen.Her husband leaned over to show her two women featured in magazine advertisements: one a model for Hawaiian Tropic, one for AARP. ” She chose freedom and a large settlement, enough to maintain her lifestyle: a summer home in Aspen, winter trips to Europe with her children, a Mercedes, a house near Highland Park Village. It’s not a trend that older women are dating younger men.

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